How to play piano
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How to read piano letters?


Reading piano letters is fun and easy, it allows you to learn and play
your favorite songs in minutes without the need to read complex
classic piano notes.

There are many ways and methods to write piano letters, in our site most of the links refer to the Piantura method. You can check to learn more about the project and to get template documents to write your
own compositions.

Below is the movie guide copied with permission from
it's a 7 minutes movie that will explain everything you need to know
about playing piano letters.

After watching the video you might want to print a set of stickers to your keyboard (you'll know what we're talking about as you'll see it) –
you can download it from here: Download Piantura Stickers.

At – there are easy examples that will allow you to get practice the method. At we encourage you use these examples as they'll make your learning curve much faster.